Platform for psychological tests

Metrisquare is a platform in which psychological tests and other instruments for measuring cognitive functions are developed, distributed, used, marked and reported: a modern publisher with at its root an active community of test developers.

Metrisquare provides worldwide services. We are located in The Netherlands. Are you interested in becoming a local reseller, integrator or research partner? Contact us to discuss options.
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Speech and language
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Cognitive tests

A wide range of cognitive tests is available in the Metrisquare platform, e.g. for testing visual perception, memory, executive functioning or motor functioning.

Cognitive training

Use existing training tasks found in our platform, or create them yourself using the development module.

Scientific research

Various universities have already used Metrisquare for their scientific research. Many of the experiments created in those projects have resulted in new testbatteries.

Create and share

Use the fully graphical test development module to create a test without programming, and share it with the users in the platform.

Suitable for testing elderly

Our solution, in which a digital tablet and pen are used, the client can draw on a large screen tablet, very similar to paper-and-pencil drawing. Even elderly patients appreciate this.

Create, research and share!

Using the Metrisquare platform, you can create a test or experiment, use it for research projects and then share it to other members of the community. The perfect example is the Emotion Recognition Test, developed by R. Kessels et al.

Motivation leads to success

Most patients, but especially the children, are highly motivated when they are presented with up to date technology, like the Metrisquare tests and training tasks. Better motivation often leads to more successful treatment.

Evidence based

Metrisquare supports scientific research. In many cases, such studies have resulted in new test batteries, or norms for existing tests. A great example is the Visual Neglect Test Battery, developed by Nathalie Vaes et al.

Join the community

Create an account for Metrisquare and start using the various cognitive tests or create your own instruments.

Save time

Shorter preparation times, less efforts during testing and reports are available instantly.

Measure more

All responses, including accurate timestamps, are recorded automatically.


Focus on the client

Since all recordings occur automatically, you will finally have time to observe the client again!