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Test development

Metrisquare offers a graphical test development module that enables users to digitise paper-and-pencil tests and/or to implement new tests or training tasks. This does not require any programmming knowledge at all: many features are available with just a few clicks, for example to:

  • Register responses including the timestamp in milliseconds
  • Play or record sound
  • Present stimuli at certain time intervals
  • Visually present pen pressure in heatmap colors
  • Visualise eye movements recorded by an eye tracker
  • Score responses on multiple scales and compare them to norms
  • Add images, including moving image GIF files
  • Connect a response pad
  • Easilly draw all kinds of geometrical shapes in any color
  • Print text in any font and angle
  • Record coordinates of the pen on the tablet
  • Replay drawings
  • Add interactive buttons and input fields for questionnaires or forms
  • Setup dual-screen tests, where the assessor is able to see real-time results or additional instructions

Those who are experienced in any Dot Net programming language, such as C++, C# or Visual Basic, can even program own plugins for unlimited possibilities or protecting certain algorithms. However, as stated before: most features one can possibly think of are already embedded in the software and require a few clicks to activate only.

DIS Test development (Block Tapping Example)

Metrisquare Test Development example: Development of a Block Tapping Test