Psychology software program

M-ToM is a program to create experiments for (neuro-)psychological research, neuroscience and neurophysiology.

Metrisquare offers a graphical test development softwarethat enables users to digitise paper-and-pencil tests and/or to implement new tests or training tasks.

You can design your own test or experiment, collect your own data and analyze the results. All within one system.

M-ToM does not require any programmming knowledge at all: many features are available with just a few clicks.



Register responses including the timestamp in miliseconds

Play or record sound


Visually present pen pressure in heatmap colors


Visualise eye movements recorded by an eye tracker

Een responsepad aansluiten voor nog nauwkeurigere timing


Record coordinates of the pen on the tablet

Easily draw all kinds of geometrical shapes in any color


Present stimuli at certain time intervals


Stimuli aanbieden aan de hand van triggers

Add images, including moving image GIF files


Print text in any font and angle


Add interactive buttons and input fields for questionnaires or forms

Score responses on multiple scales and compare them to norms

Replay drawings

Setup dual-screen tests, where the examinor is able to see real-time results or additional instructions

Collect and visualise data 

No programming knowledge required

Scientists and students use our platform for the development of cognitive experiments.

The software can be linked to bio and brain measuring instruments, such as EEG systems, eye tracking sensors and response pads.

Collecting data

The tests can be designed for administration on computers, tablets or even smartphones. In that case, collecting data can be done remotely.