Diagnostic cognitive tests

Metrisquare offers various cognitive tests, both classic tasks and new assessments, developed in close cooperation to various universities, e.g. the universities of Groningen, Nijmegen, Utrecht, Maastricht and Ghent. Most of our tests are used in combination to a digital tablet and stylus, but online testing in an internet browser is also possible, e.g. for screening or following up the client with questionnaires and routine outcome monitoring.

Click one of the following test batteries for more information:

  • RevArte Visual Search Task, developed by Prof. C. Lafosse
  • Visuospatial Neglect Tests, developed by Nathalie Vaes et al., including Diamond Cancellation, Visual Search, Spatial Memory, Extinction/Fixation, Line Bisection and Maze
  • Emotion Recognition Test, by Roy Kessels et al.
  • MAAS Test Battery including Stroop Colored Words, Letter Digit Substitution, Concept Shifting and Word Learning, both auditory and visually
  • The Scopa-Cog tests including Word memory, Backwards Span, Block Tapping, Fist-Edge-Palm, Semantic Fluency, Backwards Counting and Figure Completion.
  • Selective Reminding Test (SRT) memory performance test
  • Colored Words Attention Tests for testing attention, inhibition and interference
  • The classics, e.g. Trailmaking, Clock drawing, Rey Complex Figure and Bells cancellation

A complete list of our cognitive testing instruments is available in our test index. Furthermore, it is possible to integrate your own tests or training tasks using our test development module. This graphical test development suite does not require any programming skills at all.

PDBQ Test on Wacom Companion Tablet

PDBQ Test on Wacom Companion Tablet