Ordered by function

The following list shows some of our tests, ordered by function. Since our solution is an interactive platform in which new tests are created and shared by our users, this list will never be complete. Please contact us to inquire about the availability of a certain test in case you cannot find it in this list.


  • DiagnoseIS NPS Trailmaking, Patterns and Cancellation
  • Groningen University Lamp Test: Reaction time
  • CogneXion Selective Attention
  • RevArte Visual Search Task (RVST)
  • Letter Digit Substitution Test (LDST)
  • Attention Coloured Words
  • MAAS Stroop Coloured Words test
  • Visual Neglect Tests: Cancellation, Fixation and Search

Visual perception

  • CogneXion Visual Perception
  • RevArte Dot Matrix Cognitive Training
  • DiagnoseIS NPS Block reasoning, Pattern matching
  • Awake Surgery GRID Module Figures and Line Bisection
  • Bells cancellation
  • Diamond cancellation
  • RevArte Visual Search Task (RVST)
  • p, d, b, q Test

Auditory perception

  • CogneXion Auditory Perception


  • DiagnoseIS NPS Pattern memory
  • Groningen University Maze Test
  • 15 Figure Learning Test
  • 15 Words Learning Test
  • Selective Reminding Test (SRT)
  • CogneXion Memory
  • Visual Neglect Test Spatial memory
  • MAAS Word Learning Test (Visual / Auditive)
  • Numeric Memory Span (Scopa-Cog)

Language and calculus

  • DiagnoseIS NPS Calculus
  • Birkhovense Evaluatieschaal Behandeldoelen Afasie (BEBA)
  • Ghent Electronic Writing Test

Constructive praxis

  • CogneXion Drawing
  • RevArte DotMatrix Cognitive Training
  • House Tree Person Test
  • Visual Neglect Drawing Test
  • Ghent Electronic Writing Test

Motor control

  • CogneXion Motor Inhibition
  • Fist-Edge-Palm Test (Scopa-Cog)
  • Fine Motor Skills Training
  • Ghent Electronic Writing Test

Executive functions

  • CogneXion Mental Flexibility, Inhibition and Planning
  • DiagnoseIS NPS Mazes and Streetmap
  • Visual Neglect Maze Test
  • MAAS Stroop Coloured Words test
  • GroningenUniversity Maze Test

Activity and participation

  • Daily Problem Checklist
  • Community Integration Questionnaire (CIQ)

Social cognition

  • Emotion Recognition Test (ERT)