Sharing tests globally

Share your own test and use others

Sharing tests

With the Metrisquare platform, one can create a test without any programming knowledge, and it is also possible to share the test to other users in the platform with a few clicks.

Online you can then manage access to the test and view usage statistics. 

Why would I use Metrisquare for my test?


  • Create a test and keep it for your own usage, offline
  • Until your research is published, keep the experiment to you and a few colleagues, and share it to other users later
  • Create a test or cognitive training task and provide it to other users for free, just to make the world a better place
  • Or, you can create a test and sell it in our platform, generating income based on the usage of your test

Let's Work Together!

Expanding globally

Since Metrisquare originated in the Netherlands, many of the tests created were designed and shared by users in the Netherlands and in our neighbouring country Belgium. However, as one can see on the maps shown below, many of the instruments are used globally.

Please contact us in case you are interested in becoming a new source of tests in your country or area of expertise, either commercially, or for scientific purposes. We are open to cooperation. We are also willing to provide services for free in return for your services locally, e.g. translation of tests in your language or collecting normative data for a new population.