Cognitive experiments

Various universities use Metrisquare to set up scientific cognitive experiments. Using our test development module, you can create your own experiments without need for programming skills. The following video shows a demonstration of the test development module.

Advantages of the Metrisquare solution for the development of experiments:

  • Use the cloud for central storage of data and statistic analysis
  • Measure responses using our tablet-based technology
  • Perfect support for dual screen testing: monitor and control the experiment on one screen, while presenting stimuli to the client on the other screen
  • No programming required, however possible for those who prefer to use scripts, in C# or VB
  • Webbased, online testing possible as well
  • Export data to scientific reports in CSV, for Excel, SPSS or Matlab
  • All raw data is available, down to each single response, even coordinates and pressure of the stylus pen
  • Use the plug-and-play features, e.g. for playing or recording sound
  • Support for the latest instruments, such as eye tracking
  • After finishing your research, you can provide the tests to clinical users with a few clicks

Examples of scientific experiments in which the Metrisquare DiagnoseIS Software was used:

  • Prism adaptation for Visual Neglect patients, by Nathalie Vaes et al.
  • Fine motor skills and handwriting in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, by Tinneke Hellinckx et al.
  • The effect of stress on cognitive functioning in Parkinson’s diseased patients
  • The theoretical background and practical applications of Whole Body Vibration (WBV), by Susan Dries and Prof. Dr. W.H. Brouwer (2013)

Other usecases can be found here.

Our software can also be linked to bio- and brainmeasurement instruments, e.g. EEG systems, eye tracking sensors and response pads. Metrisquare DiagnoseIS is compatible to all RB series response pads from Cedrus.