Writing test

In close collaboration with prof. Hilde van Waelvelde, Ghent University, Metrisquare has developed a digital writing test for children, for which normative data has been collected in the past two years. The test is unique since it allows a child to write on paper, but data is stored and analysed digitally.

The child is provided with five sentences, which they have to copy onto a sheet of paper, two times. The sheet of paper is placed on a digital tablet. The child writes using an inking stylus pen, with the same dimensions and size of a normal pen. The tablet is connected to a laptop, on which the assessor is able to see the results in real-time. A report can be generated afterwards, for either clinical or scientific usage, including an image showing high pen pressures in a color scale, mapped onto the word, as shown in the picture on the right.

Electronic Writing Test

Electronic Writing Test

The writing test measures the following variables:

  • Average word height and standard deviation specified for:
    • Words that do not have loops
    • Words with high loops
    • Words with low loops
    • Words with high and low loops
  • Average width and standard deviation of spaces between words
  • Average time interval and standard deviation for spaces between words
  • Time needed to write each word, including average and standard deviation
  • The width of each word
  • The angle of each word containing three characters or more, including average and standard deviation
  • Average and standard deviation of the pressure on the pen for each word
  • The total time needed for writing the sentences
  • Amount of pen releases
  • Amount of low quality letters (indicated by the assessor)