Save time and costs

The Metrisquare solution can save up to 50% on your total psychological assessment time!

This is how the Metrisquare solution saves time and costs:

  • Save time on preparations of the assessment: with just a few clicks, the test is ready to be used. No need to walk to a test cabinet to gather all required test materials, stopwatch, recorder and sheets: all of these functions are embedded in the tablet.
  • Save time during the assessment: Since most of the responses are captured automatically, there is more time for observations. Some of the tests are completely self-paced, including the instructions and examples.
  • Save a lot of time after the assessment: the automatically generated reports, including norms, graphs and drawings can be uploaded to an electronic patient dossier (EPD)
  • Save money on test materials: With Metrisquare, you will only pay for the tests you really need and use: no packages of 100 scoring sheets of a particular test, when you only need a few once in a while.
  • Create your own tests and use it for free, or even to gain money by sharing and selling it to other users
  • And, finally, using the online tests, your client can already be screened in advance, remotely using the webbrowser, or followed up afterwards for routine outcome monitoring (ROM)