Reaction Time Test

In the RUG Reaction Time Test, developed by Prof. Dr. W. Brouwer, the client is requested to place the pen on a white circle in the center of the tablet. Around it is an arch of black circles. At specific intervals, one of the circles in the arch lights up in clear white. The client is supposed to tick the highlighted circle as fast as possible and then to return back to the center circle. In total, there are 48 trials, of which the first 16 are practice trials. In the second condition, an incompatible reaction concept requires the client to tick the vertically mirrored circle instead of the one that lights up. Here, the client’s inhibition is tested. We measure both the decision time (the interval between the stimulus and lifting the pen from the center circle) as well as the movement time. The movement time is the interval between lifting the pen from the center circle and touching the target circle. The following image shows a screenshot of the test.

RUG Reaction Time Test

RUG Reaction Time Test

Scientific references/publications

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