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Anonymous testing

Metrisquare is NOT a patient archive system. We never require any personal data to be entered: tests can be conducted using anonymous identifiers. Entering a date of birth, gender or name is always optional.

Secure communication

SSL is used for protection the communication of sensitive data.

Professional usage

We manually check if new members are professional users before providing access to the platform.

NEN 7510

At Metrisquare, we are working according to the guidelines set out in NEN 7510 for protecting data. If required by your organisation, we are willing to agree on custom contracts for additional protection of the data.

Data storage

Reports generated using the Metrisquare DiagnoseIS software are NOT stored on our servers. Our server is in a secure datacenter, where all access, both remote as well as physical access is monitored. The datacenter is ISO 27001 certified by TüV

Please also read our privacy statement for more details.