Online questionnaires

Using our software, it is possible to queue online questionnaires for a respondent. The respondent will then receive a personal code, which can be e-mailed to the respondent automatically, or given manually. With that personal code, the respondent can log in on the website and answer the questions of the questionnaire. At any time, you can use the software to see the status of the queued questionnaires and download the results.

A report can then be generated with a few clicks only, or sent to an e-mail address automatically.

What answer options are there?


Open questions

An open text field


Multiple choice

Select one or more answers


Rank answers, the amount of answers to rank can be configured

Constant sum

Distribute a certain sum over the answers, for example percentages

Ipsatieve questions

Select least and most applicable answers


Visual Analogue Scale (VAS)

Adjust a slider on an analogue scale



Conditions for showing or hiding questions can be configured

Advantages and features


  • Works in any browser: Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari
  • Anonymous codes (tokens) can be issued to participants
  • Questionnaire reports and cognitive functioning tests can be combined in a single report
  • Support for both clinical and scientific usage
  • You can create own questionnaires with the questionnaire development module
  • Can be linked to or embedded in other systems
  • Branding/custom styling possible: colors and logos can be customised
  • Routing/conditional presentation is possible
  • Questions can be randomised automatically
  • The amount of questions per page can be configures
  • The questionnaire can be created using an Excel template as well