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  • July 2015: Reorganisation, New features, RVST Poster
  • October 2014: Android App, Software updates, Events
  • September 2014: Taylor Complex Figure, Article by M. Hendriks, Upcoming events
  • August 2014: Eye tracking, Virtual reality, Visual neglect tests
  • July 2014: Classification task
  • May 2014: Virtual reality, Mobile App, new Wacom Companion tablet
  • April 2014: Innovasquare, Test development module, RevArte Rehabilitation Centre
  • March 2014: Article by Nathalie Vaes, Dot matrix task
  • February 2014: Food2Learn, PXL Hasselt
  • January 2014: Writing test, New BIPAC test
  • November 2013: Replay function, Awake surgery, Emotion Recognition, 15 Word Learning Task

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