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Can I use the Metrisquare software without a tablet, on a classic PC or laptop?

Yes you can! Various tests in our platform do not require a tablet and can be used on a classic computer. The tablet is recommended for neuropsychological test assessments, especially when the client is expected to perform certain interactive tasks on the screen. However, e.g for forms and questionnaires, but also when stimuli are presented and the response can be givven using a computer or mouse, a tablet is not required. Also, the known Emotion Recognition Test, can be used on any Windows PC or laptop.

How do you and your employees earn your salary, when the software is for free?

Indeed, there are many freeware tests in the Metrisquare platform, but there also are paid tests. For paid tests, credits can be bought on our website. Whenever you generate a report of such a paid test, the credits are used to pay for the test. We feel this is fair, because when you are making a report is exactly the moment you are saving a lot of time on marking and reporting. Furthermore, we offer various other ways of paid support, e.g. for taining or custom tailored solutions. For such occasions, we can offer both fixed price or hour rate based support.

Is it possible to use different tablets than the Wacom tablets?

In principle you can use any screen or tablet, as long as it is connected to a Windows computer. However, it is important to check whether there can be consequences to the validity of the norms. Most of the research on the Metrisquare platform, has been conducted in combination with a Wacom tablet. Furthermore, we recommend the Wacom tablet, because its digital inking pen reacts very intuitively, the tablet presents natural colours, it is robust and even available in A3 size. In case you are considering developing an own test in the Metrisquare platform, you can make your own choice about the computer and screen, but one of the advantages of our solution is that it contributes to standardisation of testing procedures. Therefore, we try to limit the amount of different devices used in the platform.

Do you offer web based tests as well?

Yes, especially for applications where accurate reactiontimes are less important and where the client is relatively healthy. For example, our platform is used for web based testing of competencies and interest for study selection. Also for questionnaires and forms, e.g. for aphasia, we offer web based tests. For neuropsychological tests, a web based environment is not very suitable: there is not enough control over the environment en the system the client is performing the test on, causing the results to be less reliable.

How long will it take for me to create my own test in Metrisquare?

This depends on your own skills ofcourse, as well as on the test you have in mind. Some with a lot of experience in our software and with test construction in general, can create a test in a couple of hours, using our graphical test development module. On average, building a test in our platform takes a couple of days, especially because one ofter tends to change many details after a couple of test trials. Your best option is to follow one of our trainings. In one day, you will get to know all features. For those with programming experience, it is good to known that it is possible to program your own Metrisquare extensions, but don’t worry: you do not have to. Even with the graphical module, you can use many standard features to construct your own test or experiment.

Can you make a copy of the platform, for me to use only, without any connections to others?

We can, but it is very much against our mission: our goal is to realise a worldwide platform in which users can develop and share their tests. We can ofcourse discuss any option, but we would rather talk about your reasons for this wish. It is important to know that, creating specific branches for users, also increases the time and costs for maintenance of all those different version. What we can do quite simply, however, is skinning the platform in your own brand, enabling or disabling certain features. That way, you will benefit from being part of the platform, but the application exactly matches the look and feel of the rest of your information systems.

How can I become a member of the platform?

You can register on www.metrisquare.net, where you can click Join. Enter your data there, and your account will be activated within a few hours usually. Another option is to ask an existing test author, who already is a member of the platform, to create a free account for you.

Can everyone access the tests I create?

No, only if you want others to access the test. It is your test, so you control who is allowed to use it. When you first create the test on your computer, using the Metrisquare tests development module, the test will not be in the platform yet: it is on your computer only. Using the development module, by clicking ‘Activate online’, you can upload the test to the platform, but still it will not be accessible by other users. Either they can ask your permission to use it, in the platform, or you can share it to other users. It you want to keep the test to yourself, or just to some colleagues, for example because your publication is still pending, ofcourse you can!

Can I integrate tests of other publishers?

Yes, but make sure to ask for permission to the ones holding the copyrights. When you are digitising a paper and pencil test, even if it is very old, or even if you found it in Google, you must have explicit permission to create a copy of such a test. However, it is not always easy to find out who is the owner of the copyrights. For some tests, publishers e.g. created a new manual for which they own the copyrights, but that does not always mean that they own the items of the test as well. Various lawsuits were even undecided, since it is not always evident who owns which parts of the test. It is even more complex with the norms. Your best option is to simply ask the author or publisher for permission. Another option is to be creative and create an own test using our platform.