Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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What is Metrisquare?

The origin of Metrisquare begins in 2008. The digitalisation of neuropsychological tests was still unknown territory for many at the time. We took up this challenge and developed our first product: the DigiDiag testsystem (formerly: DiagnoseIS). Researchers from several countries had interest in this concept and joined our Metrisquare community. They contributed to digital test development which would later on be available through DigiDiag.

The community is a source of inspiration for innovative new developments. We invite researchers (and clinicians) to join our community but also, invite clinicians to use our tests in their daily assessment. Metrisquare tests are owned by their authors. Authors choose what they want to do with a test. They can share them free of charge with specific people or other clinicans, but they also have the possibility to charge a license fee for usage.

What tests do you offer?

You can see for yourself on our testindex.

What will an account give me access to?

You can be member of our community and register on

The account gives access to the software of Metrisquare where you can ask permission to use several tests from authors.

How does the software work?

If you want to use a test for assessment which is designed for tablet usage we would recommend downloading the software. The software supports an examinor screen and a subject screen. The subject screen will automatically be visible when a tablet is connected to the computer as a second screen through HDMI.

Which tablet do I need?

In theory you can use any screen or tablet, as long as it is connected to a Windows computer.

However, it is important to check whether there can be consequences to the validity of the norms. Most of the research on the Metrisquare platform, has been conducted in combination with a Wacom tablet. Furthermore, we recommend the Wacom tablet, because its digital inking pen reacts very intuitively, the tablet presents natural colours, it is robust and even available in A3 size (11.7 x 16.5 inch). In case you are considering developing a test of your own in the Metrisquare platform, you can choose the computer and screen, but one of the advantages of our solution is that it contributes to standardisation of testing procedures. Therefore, we try to limit the amount of different devices used in the platform.

Can I use Metrisquare or DigiDiag for assessment or research?

Yes. Metrisquare is the name of our online community platform. In this platform members are able to take tests with subjects. The software is tested with a Wacom tablet, we would recommend using the software in combination with this.

What does Metrisquare offer?

  • Development of digital neuropsychological tests for assessment on a tablet or in a webbrowser through our DigiDiag testsystem. One of these tests is the Emotion Recognition Task which is available in 12 languages.
  • The RSP program in which you can score your psychological paper-and-pencil tests
  • Digitisation of your psychological test.
  • Support and consult for developing digital (neuro-)psychological test (batteries).
  • Tailored solutions for the development of systems for questionnaires or supply in the reselling of these tools.
  • A test development tool in which you can design your own cognitive test.
  • Students can use our systems for validation and valorisation research.

Curious what else we can do for you? Send us an e-mail to with your request.

Do you offer web based tests?

Yes. Our platform is used for web based testing of competencies and interest for study selection, measuring the effect of brain damage of professional sports players, but also for questionnaires and forms, e.g. for subjects with aphasia.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions we have received some questions for remote cognitive assessment.

Technically it is possible to conduct tests remotely, however there are multiple concerns for validity. We can imagine that in some situations it would be desirable to have an option to do remote digital neuropsychological assessment.

Currently we have developed some tests and neuropsychologists from several universities in the Netherlands are conducting research on norms for these tests.

All neuropsychological tests that would be optional for remote assessment will be always be supervised by an examinor through an examinor screen. If you have interest in contributing to these developments, please contact us via

Can I use the software without a tablet?

Yes you can. Various tests in our platform do not require a tablet and can be used on a classic computer or an IPad Pro (web browser).

The tablet is recommended for neuropsychological test assessments, especially when the subject is expected to perform certain interactive tasks on the screen. However, e.g for forms and questionnaires, but also when stimuli are presented and the response can be given using a computer or mouse, a tablet is not required. Also, the known Emotion Recognition Test, can be used on any Windows PC or laptop.

Where can I find the Emotion Recognition Task?

You can register for the Emotion Recognition Task at: