Emotion Recognition Task

During the Emotion Recognition Test (ERT), images of faces gradually change from neutral to a certain emotion. The client is requested to recognise the emotion. This test, which has been developed by Prof. R. Kessels et al. is freely distributed in our platform. Norms are available as well.

A video of the Emotion Recognition Task is shown below. In this case, the test is administred on a 24 inch Wacom touch screen tablet. However, the software can be used on any Windows based laptop or PC. A webbased version is also available, allowing the test to be used on any device.


The authors at an NVN conference in Nijmegen.

Free usage of the ERT

The Emotion Recognition Test can be used for free by all metrisquare members.

Scientific references/publications

Kessels, R.P., Montagne, B., Hendriks, A.W., Perret, D.I., & De Haan, E.H. (2013). Perception of morphed facial expressions: Norms for the Emotion Recognition Task (ERT) for ages 8-75. Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society, 19 (Suppl. 1), 109.