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Metrisquare DiagnoseIS is a multidisciplinary system. Our products can be used for assessments and treatment in the following disciplines:

  • Neuropychology
  • Psychology
  • Occupational therapy
  • Speech and language
  • Human resources (HR)


Metrisquare offers many tests which can be used for neuropsychological assessment. In the Metrisquare DiagnoseIS software, many of the classic tasks can be found, e.g.:

  • Trailmaking (TMT A and B)
  • Word Learning Tasks (15 WLT)
  • Line Bisection
  • Various Cancellation tasks
  • Rey Complex Figure
  • Letter-Digit Substitution
  • And many more…

We also offer various new tests, developed in cooperation to our scientific partners, e.g. the Visuaspatial Neglect Test Battery developed by Nathalie Vaes et al. and the Emotion Recognition Task, developed by Roy Kessels et al.

Occupational therapy

In occupation therapie, cognitive functioning is tested and treated using more practical tasks. In Metrisquare DiagnoseIS, we offer tasks for cognitive training, such as the Dot Matrix Task by Christophe Lafosse and the CogneXion training tasks for children. Furthermore, we offer tasks which can be used to train the motor skills of children.

Speech and language

For the assessment of speech and language skills, we offer various tests, e.g. BEBA, BIPAC and CIQ. These tests can be used in the webbrowser as well.

BIPAC Webbased

BIPAC Webbased