Advantages of the Metrisquare solution


Digital pencil & paper

  • Inituitive usage for young and old thanks to the digital pen tablet
  • Existing norms applicable and additional new norms available
  • Acquires the complete process
  • Digital copies available for the electronic patient dossier (EPD)
  • Drawings can be replayed as a movie
  • New options for more dynamic tests and measurements
  • Connect measurement devices e.g. the Tobii Eye Tracker
  • Real-time analysis and one-click reporting

Cost effective and efficient

  • Only pay for the instruments you need
  • Save time on preparations, marking and reporting
  • Significantly more effective: focus on the patient

Evidence based and clinically tested

  • Metrisquare is a platform for co-creation and collaboration
  • Partnerships with top-level researchers and institutions
  • The perfect combination of technicians and neuropsychologists
  • Long-lasting and reliable: proven technology of high quality

Other advantages of the DiagnoseIS software

Accurate, automatic timing of responses


Automatic scoring and reporting

A completely digital archive


Sound can be recorded during the test and replayed later

Generate reports in your company style

Generate spreadsheet reports for scientific usage

Include remarks and comments, such as observations

Automatic reminders for memory test recalls

Invite clients for questionnaires by e-mail

Create own diagnostic tests, experiments or training tasks